Green monkey PEG10常用载体

Gene Information

  • Offical Gene Symbol PEG10
  • Species Green monkey (Chlorocebus sabaeus)
  • Offical Full Name -
  • 别名 -
  • Other Desigations LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: retrotransposon-derived protein PEG10; retrotransposon-derived protein PEG10
  • 载体基本信息
    This gene is thought to have been derived from the Ty3/Gypsy family of retrotransposons. It contains two overlapping open reading frames, RF1 and RF2, and expresses two proteins: a shorter, gag-like protein (with a CCHC-type zinc finger domain) from RF1; and a longer, gag/pol-like fusion protein (with an additional aspartic protease motif) from RF1/RF2 by -1 translational frameshifting (-1 FS). While -1 FS has been observed in RNA viruses and transposons in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes, this gene represents the first example of -1 FS in a eukaryotic cellular gene. This gene is highly conserved across mammalian species and retains the heptanucleotide (GGGAAAC) and pseudoknot elements required for -1 FS. It is expressed in adult and embryonic tissues (most notably in placenta) and reported to have a role in cell proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis and cancer development. Knockout mice lacking this gene showed early embryonic lethality with placental defects, indicating the importance of this gene in embryonic development. [provided by RefSeq, Oct 2014]
  • NCBI基因ID 103226533
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